Exploring exciting Fields of the Earth

Gaia Campus is a vibrant place, both in virtual reality here on the web as well as in our growing worldwide community. We gather information about emerging and challenging practices in farming and gardening, in order to share experiences and deepen our understanding.

Conventional agricultural techniques are based on Newtonian physics of particles as its fundamental worldview. We call this the ‘Particle family’ of techniques [P]. We enlarge this worldview with two other ‘families’ of farming techniques. The first one we call ‘Energy’ [E]. The second we call ‘Information’ [I]. Together we call this Quantum informed Agriculture QiA. Here’s a short introduction in QiA:

The E-family is based in the assumption that waves always carry energy. For hundred years already, this is a basic assumption behind electromagnetic theories in nature. Electromagnetic fields and vibrations can inform and influence soils, plants and animals. The second addition we call ‘Information’ [I], a concept coming from both the quantum physics and chaos theories. It assumes that growth processes not only require nutrients and energy but also coherent patterns of information. Information shapes structures and metabolic processes: rhythms, frequencies, intentions and love can in-‘form’ and influence soils, plants and animals. Nature appears more conscious then we thought. Together, these P+E+I views open perspectives on a more inclusive understanding of the processes and secrets behind farming and gardening techniques. Please make yourself at home on this website and explore these promising techniques with us.

Navigating this website

Showing the menu you will notice different colors on the left hand side. The BLUE sections cover Energy and its wave-based techniques. The YELLOW sections discuss Information and include consciousness-based techniques.

The Particle-family is not included as a segment of this website, as plenty of it is available elsewhere. But you will find many references referring to the particle-view on nature, as this view is inherently connected with Energy and Information.

We introduce every technique in three headings: Origin, Practice and Evidence. For each and every technique you’ll find various hypotheses or emerging explanations. This website includes hypotheses from various angles, such as chaos theory, quantum physics, cell biology, neurosciences and mind-matter research.

We will shortly add a third section that integrates both technical electromagnetic devices + consciousness. This will be GREEN (blue + yellow).

Some of you might like as well some guidelines to develop your personal perception and awareness of the world so that you too grow into the techniques that we describe here. For this purpose we intend to include a fourth section with resources to help you. This section on Re-Sources (turquoise) will combine both ancient and new wisdom.

Sharing (y)our experience

An open database will contribute to the research, understanding and application of these technologies, to support all agricultural systems worldwide to become more resilient. We believe in experiental learning. As this field of knowledge is only emerging, we very much like to hear what you know about these and related methods, whether you are a farmer, researcher, gardener or have simply inherited your grandmother’s ‘green fingers’. With your participation on the interactive pages, this Campus will become a forum for learning to support everything in Gaia food systems to thrive.

As we are still developing this website, we welcome your feedback by e-mailing Henk (kieftetcetera@gmail.com) or Saskia (saskia@sun.ac.za).

We are looking forward to hear from you! Please be in touch.

A warm welcome from the Gaia Campus Team*

*Our international team consists of an increasing number of moderators who have professional experience in specific areas of expertise and have taken responsibility for the content of one or several sections of this website: Dr Saskia von Diest (South Africa, Interspecies Communication), Melissa Roussopoulos (UK, Nature Constellations) and Ir Henk Kieft (the Netherlands, Wave based techniques).

Exploring exciting Fields of the Earth


Gaia Campus is a vibrant place, both in virtual reality here on the web as well as in our growing worldwide community. We gather information about emerging and challenging practices in farming and gardening, in order to share experiences...

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Hoi Henk, ik ben heel benieuwd naar jouw mening over dit bericht.... https://nos.nl/artikel/2188375-bomen-maken-geluid-en-muziek.html zijn het sapstromen? ik dacht energie?  Bert Barten maakt muziek met bomen Klik op de site om de muziek te horen. Hier volgt de tekst van het artikel: Bomen maken...

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Kwantum Landbouw cursusdag 2.

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Vitaal voedsel en gezondheid (actief met biofotonen), ook meten/voelen aan concrete producten op de Stadsboerderij van Culemborg met Saskia Bosman, 20 januari 2017. Programma Ochtend: Biofotonen: algemene, korte inleiding met beelden, gevolgd door oefeningen om onze eigen gevoeligheid voor subtiele energie te verhogen....