Corona als golf-verschijnsel

Al direct na de eerste berichten over Corona bekeek Bob van Limburg het gedrag van dit virus door de kwantum-bril van de golf-deeltje-dualiteit: denken in deeltjes = denken in golven = denken in frequentiesRead more

Vibrational signals in orchards

Researchers in the scene of organic agriculture are testing the use of sounds and vibrations. These techniques may help to diminish the use of material inputs and contribute to cleaner farming methods. Here isRead more

Spiders don’t have ears, but their webs may function as ‘Hearing’ Aid.

writes David Nield in Nature of April 2, 2022. Spider webs are essential for capturing food – but they might also be used as giant hearing aids for the arachnids that spin them, according to newRead more

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