Heart coherence, intuition and magnetic fields

I feel inspired by this short video of the Heartmath Insitute. It shows how recent scientific research supports our power to regenerate ourselves, our communities, plants and animals, water and the globalRead more

Het geheimzinnige zingen van planten

Hier volgen de meest boeiende onderdelen van het recente boek van Jean Thoby (www.plantarium.eco) ‘Le Chant Secret des Plantes’ (Rustica editions, Paris. 2019). De ondertitel luidt ‘Zich herbronnen dankzijRead more

The deeper connective principles of consciousness

Interview with Prof. dr. Dirk K.F. Meijer in Epoch Times Magazine, Israel. Date: 8th of July, 2019.  A new consciousness model suggests that our thoughts are not only affected by the neurons inRead more

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