Using Sound To Control Enzymatic Reactions

 INSTITUTE FOR BASIC SCIENCE MAY 2, 2022 Figure 1. Audible sound-induced generation of transient domains and spatiotemporally controlled cascade reaction networks. Credit: Institute for Basic ScienceRead more

Drummende bacterien

Wanneer je bacteriƫn op een grafeenvel zet, blijken ze een detecteerbare drumsolo weg te geven. En dat biedt kansen! Aldus Caroline Kraaijvanger in Scientias van 3 mei 2022. Stel je voor dat je bacteriƫn konRead more

Vibrational signals in orchards

Researchers in the scene of organic agriculture are testing the use of sounds and vibrations. These techniques may help to diminish the use of material inputs and contribute to cleaner farming methods. Here isRead more

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