Does talking to plants actually help them grow? ‘They respond to vibrations’

After a year at home with her orchid, Seetha Dodd was rewarded with a large spray of blooms. Could her words of encouragement have played a part? Seetha Dodd Sun 15 Jan 2021 <> ARead more

Bliksems, Natuur wil elektrisch veld opheffen

Wereldwijd slaat de bliksem 45 keer per seconde in op aarde. Maar wat gaat er in de wolken nou precies vooraf aan die bliksemschicht? Anouk Kaufeld, 05 sept 2021 Natuurkundige Sander NijdamRead more

Hugging a tree

If you are feeling anxious, sad, or drained, try hugging a tree and allow her vast amount of grounding energy to assist you. 15 minutes will do. This is a very nice and clear description of the practical useRead more

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