Hugging a tree

If you are feeling anxious, sad, or drained, try hugging a tree and allow her vast amount of grounding energy to assist you. 15 minutes will do. This is a very nice and clear description of the practical useRead more

Interconnect through ecofluency. Free video until May 29.

Dr Saskia von Diest has trained herself for over 12 years now in communicating with animals – with Anna Breytenbach – and with plants and insects. That was after she completed her PhD in PlantRead more

Electrische signalering in planten

Een interessant nieuw apparaatje voor plant liefhebbers, telers en onderzoekers. Het Zwitserse bedrijf Vivent is al ver gevorderd met de ontwikkeling van een elektrisch apparaatje om de plantgezondheid teRead more

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