Immunent-Activator works with low-frequency electromagnetic fields

The company Immunent found promising results of an electromagnetic technique to prevent mastitis (udder inflammation) during calving (see Cuppen et al. 2006). Their idea arose during earlier research by Philips that had shown positive effects on breast inflammation in women.    


Experiments in preventing mastitis by ELF (left picture, source: Veehouderijtechniek magazine). Hypothesis of the impact of short term EMF exposure on animals. Source: Immunent.

The company Immunent, in which van Cuppen works together with Wageningen University and Research Centre, develops and researches a method to strengthen the defense against infections in animals and humans with LF EMF (low frequency electromagnetic fields). The Immunent-Activator® has worldwide patent.

IMMUNENT-ACTIVATOR “Productievere en Gezondere Dieren” – PowerPoint PPT at

Probably, this electronic equipment stimulates the immune system of animals. Tests, both in universities and on site, showed higher productivity and lower mortality by treatment with ultra low electromagnetic fields. Immunent-Activators® are successfully and commercially serving poultry, pigs, rabbits, shrimp etc.. reported results include improving weight, Food Conversion Rate, (egg) production and decreasing disease damage, feed costs and mortality. In Bangladesh, on site trials with poultry are successful since 2009 and commercial systems have been installed since 2010. Tests with the Immunent EMF method by the Indiana University (USA) have shown positive results on human cells. Immunent-Activators® also are being installed in hospitals in areas with high infection risk. In an earlier presentation of Cuppen (in 2007) he already presented impressive results of more tests. Like 40% increased activity in 700 samples of immune cells; 60% reduced mortality in 2000 sick goldfish; 40% reduced intestinal lesions in 600 broilers with coccidiosis; and 12 % improved feed conversion in 900 broilers.