Interconnect through ecofluency. Free video until May 29.

Dr Saskia von Diest has trained herself for over 12 years now in communicating with animals – with Anna Breytenbach – and with plants and insects. That was after she completed her PhD in Plant Pathology in Stellenbosch, South-Africa. Saskia is the one who organized my workshops on quantum agriculture in South Africa in 2015. An amazing experience for all participants. She now defined her personal trail. You find her vision on the relevance of communicating with your clouds of bacteria for your health and for the wellbeing of the entire planet and its populations, humans and other-than-humans.

For now: 4 days left to view for free her most recent video about Invoking Microbes at .

Ecofluency is the science, art and magic of communicating with Nature, using an expanded spectrum of senses and awareness.

It is a two-way dialogue, listening deeply to and speaking with, other-than-humans.

Humans are Nature, so all of us can do this, even in this time of dramatic and painful change. Many of us have just forgotten how to use this innate ability. The good news is that you can (re)learn how to use it!

I help people remember how to access and use this normal magic, whenever they want or need it.

Ecofluency is useful for practical co-creativity with Nature. It can be used in growing food, building a home, understanding the behaviour of wild, domesticated and microbial creatures, and many other things.

It is also a spiritual pursuit, feeling and being at home and in harmony with the world beyond our walls.

It is knowing that we are home.

Ecofluency is growing into an organisation, network and platform to support others offering similar work, to continue research and provide ecofluency education and facilitation.

In the meantime, please scroll down to find out more about Ecofluency and how we can work together.

Henk Kieft

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