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Nature is a powerful healer, teaching us to flow with change and inviting us to ‘come to our senses’ in each moment. 

Your sit spot or favorite walking trail can be a place to turn to for quiet reflection and inspiration.

Time spent immersing your senses in the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations abundant in Nature offers the opportunity to rejuvenate amidst stress and uncertainty.

In support of discovering how Nature can nourish us at this time, we are pleased to invite you to attend this week’s free webinar with 8 Shields mentor and Conscious Nature author, Josh Lane: 


Thursday, March 19th @12:30-1:30pm Pacific
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When we develop enough intentionality and rhythm in our relationship with the natural world, a deeper threshold of connection begins to open for us. 

Our senses connect to new levels of nuance, expanding our personal sense of meaning. The feeling of belonging in our place grows, along with our sense of interconnection with the other beings that we share the land with… 

There comes a moment when we cross the threshold and step into the realm of deep nature connection. This journey is one riddled with curiosity, awe, and mystery. 

Although the state of deep nature connection can be awakened instinctively through passionate exploration over time, it can also be purposefully supported and accelerated by a mentor who has made the journey before. Some might say the full expression of this level of connection requires the purposeful guidance of a mentor, at least for some crucial stages of the journey.

Mentoring in the context of deep nature connection is an art form and a pathway requiring skill, understanding of personal transformation, and real-life experience. However, we can begin to apply the basic skills of mentoring right away to support our journeys and those of others in our lives.

Click to register for this special live event here (a recording will also be provided to all registrants).

In Connection,

The 8 Shields Team

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