Prepping the immune system

Prepping the immune system


Here’s a thought: your intellectual awareness knows about COVID-19 but your ENERGY BODY, Body Chemistry, and Immune System don’t!! 
Why? It’s new on the planet and they have no experience with it. 

See this .gov article about the Immune system:
In chapter 4 of my book I have written about the work of dr. Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander of Partner With Nature. Their method is well developed for working with plants, trees, insects, bushfires and climate issues. Now it is also available for human beings.

Friday’s webinar will be about Clearing the Body Chemistry and creating a Genetic UPGRADE of the Immune System. The Body Chemistry and the Human Immune system need to be alerted to the virus as an energy-reality on the planet. 
Once upgraded at an ENERGY BODY and genetic level, the Immune System may be more prepared, should it (the immune system) need to deal with the virus. 
These webinars are being done as a service during these challenging times.. They are FREE-of-charge… and for the open-hearted!
They are done with the idea that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!
Here’s the link to the recordingfrom Thursday’s Healing Webinar by Basia Alexander.
Healing repair was about counteracting the detrimental effects of :
* exposure to all of the bad news 
* the feelings of disruption
* the cultural sea of fear and anxiety we are swimming in
* and more… 
If you can’t attend live or are bounced off by Zoom (they are overloaded) you’ll get the link to the recording. 
Links to all 5 recordings from this week will also be sent SOON so you can catch-up over the weekend! 

If you are new or had this email forwarded to you… no registration is needed, but click the email link below get on the “send me the recording” e-list. EMAIL ME by CLICKING HERE to get links to the recordings.
Here’s the Video LINK to the whole Webinar Series
Monday thru Friday at 5:30pm EDT for about :30-:40 minutes.
Attend one, attend all. 

Or iPhone one-tap :  US: +13126266799,,618584934# 
Webinar ID: 618 584 934  International numbers available:
Most warmly,Basia Alexander

Henk Kieft

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