Protein Music in progress

Protein Music in progress

Proteins are – as we know – fundamental in all life processes. But what is Protein Music? It is a melody broadcasted over a crop or a group of animals. It is a non-material technique to support the vitality of plants or animals (or humans). The melody ‘informs’ the plant or animal with energy and order. It does not transfer any matter, it is only Energy + Information. The Energy is carried by the frequencies and the Information is found in the sequence of the frequencies.

The firm Genodics exists for over 15 years and has already developed such melodies for over 5000 proteins. 160 farmers apply this technique succesfully. In the Netherlands the first Genodics Broadcasting Box is installed in spring 2023 to help protecting seed potatoes from phytophtora.

A melody in a plant? Indeed. This phenomenon was discovered by the French quantum physicist (and musician) Joel Sternheimer, who got the method internationally patented. Here is how it works, Each protein relates to a specific melody. The melody is a specific sequence of frequencies (tones) emitted by the formation of a specific protein. Every protein is composed of a long series of amino-acids. Every protein has its specific and fixed sequence of amino-acids. The order of the tones – the melody – is following the order of adherence of the amino-acids. When adhering to the chain of amino-acids each amino-acid emits an inaudible sound. So every protein has its specific order of sounds/frequencies and hence its specific melody.

The second fundamental new insight here is the so-called scale resonance, known from the laws of music. It means that the frequency of a specific tone (or amino-acid) resonates in harmony with higher frequencies that follow the order of octaves. So the audible sounds emitted by the Genodics Box resonate with the (very high) inaudible frequencies related to the formation of a protein. Practice confirms this statement in many ways: when this melody is broadcasted over a crop, it supports the internal music in the plant by scale resonance.

In June 2023 the director of Genodics, mr. Michel Duhamel, presented the scientific theorie behind protein music to a group of interested farmers and researchers in the Nethrlands. He also shared many examples of their work in practice. Genodics documents of course all experiences of farmers collaborating with them. Recent research by the university of Clergy-Pontoise (Paris) confirmed the effectivity of this quantum technique on drought resistance of peas.

We just received the powerpoint presentation of mr. Michel Duhamel. It is quite self-explanatory. In case a reader wishes to study the method in more detail, further considerations can be found in the first chapter of my book ‘Quantum Leaps in Agriculture, exploring quantum principles in farming, gardening and nature’. The book can be downloaded from this website.

Here is Michel Duhamel’s presentation.

Henk Kieft

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