Forthcoming : A Quantum Leap in Agriculture

Recently I have been invited to write and publish a book on Quantum informed Agriculture. In the writing process, one of my proof-readers reminded me ‘to kill my darlings’. However, to prevent some of these darlings to starve and die, on this gaiacampus website I will gradually publish the larger original versions of several shorter chapters of the book.

M+E+I : the basic concept behind the book.

With this MEI-concept, we enrich farming techniques of the ‘Particle- or Mass family M’ with techniques of the ‘Wave- or Energy-family E’ and the ‘Intuition- or Information-family I’. The MEI-figure below shows the concept in diagram. Every column mentions four specific examples of techniques or relevant principles behind these ‘families’.

As you can see, the bottom-line ‘Quantum informed Agriculture’ only partly covers the Mass-view, but focusses mainly on the two families of E and I that complement the Mass-based family of techniques.

Diagram, showing the conventional Particle- or Mass-based techniques being enriched with Energy- and Information-based techniques. Diagram by the author.

The MEI-triplet suggests that mass and energy are interchangeable and informations contained in both of them. This MEI-triplet -representing everything in reality – has been proposed already in 1990 by Jaros G.G. and Cloete A., in ‘The biomatrix: The web of purposeful processes or teleons.’

A very good explanation of this phenomena is given in chapter 16 of ‘Biophoton Technology in Energy and Vitality Diagnostics’ by Roeland van Wijk, Yu Yan and Eduard P.A. van Wijk. 2017. Meluna Research B.V. Geldermalsen, NL.

From this website you might already now get a first impression of the contents of the book. This is its index, as it has evolved until November 2018.




1.    Energy and Waves


1.1      Genodics protein music for plants and animals. [+ Original Sonic Bloom]

1.2      Magnetic rock powders for soil fertility. [+ Magnet bars in soils]

1.3      Simulated Magnetic Energy Technology for dairy cattle. [+ LF EMF reducing mastitis ]

1.4      Wave-based techniques in exploration

  1.         Agritron, a moving micro-wave disinfects soils in greenhouses
  2.         UV-light reduces impact of fungi in unions and potatoes
  3.         Animal health centre based on Global Scaling theory
  4.         Relevance and perspectives

2.  Information fields and Intention


Patterns and Coherence

2.1     Informative Patterns in Quantum Agriculture

2.2     Bio-photons and vital food

Intention, Intuition and Consciousness

2.3     Trees react on music

2.4     Eco-intention, management in resonance with nature

2.5     Measuring vitality of Milk and Manure

2.6     Listening to Nature

2.7     Relevance

3.   Understanding Water


3.1      Coherent Domains in Water

3.2     Water and Light

3.3     Vitalizing water, a new science of water?

3.4     Aqua4D, influencing water with electro-magnetic frequencies

3.5      Intuitive listening to water

3.6      Relevance and perspectives

4.    Broader nature concept: Mass + Energy + Information

4.1       Enlarging the system

4.2       Energy and Information, new dimensions in agriculture and nature

4.3       Quantum principles renewing agriculture.

5.    Enlarging the view on Life

            The quest for understanding and hypotheses

5.1      The Electric and Magnetic  

  •  Bio-electronics
  •  Magnetic interactions
  •  Electrons react on energy impulses
  •  Natural radiation and geobiology

5.2      Quantum principles in life

  •  Particle-Wave Duality
  •  Quantum computation
  •  Order and vitality
  •  Entanglement

5.3      Informed water

  •   Water can act as liquid crystal
  •   Coherent Domains in Water
  •   Form clusters

5.4      Reflections about the physics of Life

6.    Views to explore

6.1      The fields of physics

  •   Global Scaling
  •   Information Ecology
  •   Torsion Fields
  •   String theory
  •   Shapes and symbols and vortices

6.2    Consciousness in the web of life

  •   Consciousness in relation to our living environment
  •   The pineal and the brain
  •   Mind power, intention and intuition

6.3     Relevance and research issues

7.    A quantum leap in agriculture

7.1.    Challenges and perspectives.

7.2.    Smart Energy Farming systems are zero-energy and sucking order.

7.3.    Towards MEI-griculture.



By June 2019, I hope the book is ready for publication.

In case you are interested in buying the book, please let me know. It helps me to get a first impression about the levels of interest in the book. And you will get 20% reduction on its selling price (of around 40 Euro).

ir. Henk Kieft.

Henk Kieft


  • Dag Henk,

    Ik kreeg jouw naam enz. door van Michiel Bus. (Avestura/SNPA Groniningen
    Wij zijn hier in Nederland volop bezig met Quantum informed Agriculture volgens ons AgroNature Concept uit Frankrijk. Ons bedrijf is Elothis Europe B.V. en we werken met de ondernemers samen om zo tot goede resultaten te komen. Dus van onderaf.
    De verschillende beschrijvingen en de cursus die je geeft (gegeven hebt), alsmede het boek van jou en jouw vrouw en het boek in ontwikkeling spreken me zeer aan.
    Graag kom ik met je in contact.

    • Beste Egbert, momenteel ben ik nogal bezig met het boek, en daarop wil ik voorlopig focussen. Laat me even weten of je iets urgents/korts hebt, dan kan ik bekijken of ik het schrijven ervoor onderbreek. Maar leuk dat je de site boeiend vindt.