The Power of Prayer Circles

Eleni Gkikakis reports her recent experiences in Greece. She established her new website Her main purpose is to improve the wellbeing of all living species by cooperating and co-creating all together, people, animals, plants, insects and viruses.

What a month it has been! Fires, floods, earthquakes, food shortages… Apocalyptic times… Initiatory times, leading us to a new era for sure. Just one month ago, fires from different directions were approaching us (our farm, house and animals) and winds were changing constantly. I found myself wondering whether or not I can share these experiences so openly and publicly, and in that very moment, an eagle appeared (a very rare phenomenon), right over my land, flying in circles above me, gliding in spirals gently down and then up, screeching and seeking for my attention. I got goosebumps and was gasping for air. For many indigenous cultures, the eagle is considered to be the messenger of the Creator. It is the being that flies highest in the skies and can therefore carry our prayers and wishes to the Creator. He was this message for me. He listened and now it was my turn to listen back. He rested on top of a tree, long enough for me to ask permission and take his photograph and then he gave me his message, a message about sharing, in circles, like he had just done with me!
Following the guidance of the great messenger, this Eagle, I humbly share with you some of my experiences of the recent fires… As we were spending days and nights, in full alert, and readiness to evacuate (but we were refusing to leave our animals behind), feelings of helplessness and fear were setting in strong. I was receiving dozens of calls and messages of care and worry, and many of my friends and students were reaching out for support and assistance. They shared stories about trapped animals, lost ones and wild ones that needed to be shown a way away from the fires. Not being able to leave and join in their efforts was very difficult for me, yet a conscious decision as we had to be vigilant for our animals’ safety.
And it was in those moments of panic that through interspecies communication I was reminded that there is so much that one can do, even from a distance and much much more when the pure-love intentions to be of service and offer support, are amplified by the power of prayer circles.
Prayer circles are nothing new. They go back thousands of years, have become an integral part of communion for many many people all around the globe and they grow bigger and more powerful every day. Mostly unrelated to religion and dogma, it is nothing more than a group of people synchronising their hearts and “praying” (to put it simply) for the welfare and assistance of those in need, for the best outcome for a situation, praying for the highest good. They can be New moon / Full moon circles, sacred feminine circles, shamanic drumming, vocalising / movement circles, dream circles and so so many others. I am participating in such circles for many years and have felt their power for manifesting favourable outcomes on more situations than I can count. So upon request from friends and students, I was able to do so again, albeit from a space of helplessness myself.

Allow me to share some examples with you: My friend Maria called me in absolute panic about how 5 horses had luckily escaped from burning equestrian facilities only to be lost in the burning mountains! Vaso and her family were called to evacuate and leave behind her sheep and goat farm. She could see all 20 of them being surrounded by the wild fires, trapped right in the middle of the inferno and no-one could help them. Irini told me of a dog who had escaped its enclosure and was lost for days in the burning forest. And so so many other situations, that I was called to “do something”! 
© Reuters. This photo is shown as an indication of the situation and not a photo of the lost horses. 
From a space of uncertainty and fear for our own safety, I felt even more helpless, till I reached out to all these extraordinary sisters and brothers of mine, from our global prayer circles and they were able to help, to hold space. I informed them of each individual situation and joined them in meditation, prayer, visualisation, however one wants to call it, for assistance and best outcome. Within a few short hours “miraculously”, all 5 horses would appear one by one well and safe, the dog returned to her human, all 20 sheep were found next morning unscathed in their entirety, surrounded by scorched earth, and many other trapped and lost animals were found safe and sound
© Vaso Ampartzidi. All 20 sheep and goats were unharmed.
A prayer circle knows no boundaries! Hundreds of people joined in prayer circles for the safe evacuation of Nowzad’s staff and animals in Afghanistan. And so it happened. After the Earthquakes in Haiti, a friend who had volunteered to build schools there a while back, was worried about those children of those schools. After the prayer circle held space, we got news that they were all safe. After days of bureaucracy and protest, the cruel decision to inhumanely trap and execute a large population of wild boars after our recent fires, was revoked just one hour after the prayer circles joined in for Interspecies Peace. Another recent example, was my friend Danae’s dog, Karma, who fell or jumped off the family’s boat while sailing. No one could tell how long it had been. She could have drowned or could have made it to shore… no one knew and the entire family was in agony and looking for her for 4 days with no success. Once I was told and included her situation in my prayer circles, she was found safe and well, 15 minutes later! 
© Symeon.  Karma
How can we tell ? We may wonder.
You may ask: Who is to know for sure? How can we tell? Who is to say, right? Right!!!! We can ask and wonder, because it is a wondrous thing! And I know for sure in my heart and from the hearts of all the wonderful beings that held space within these Prayer Circles, that along with those heroes who are “hands-on” and “boots-on-the-ground”, who is to say that prayer is not helpful, is not manifesting what we call “miracles”? I know …. my friends and students do too …. and I thank them for inviting me to co-create with them these miracles. There is no discrimination of one cause over another. Always the intention is for the highest outcome for all! Each individual can bring in their focus and attention to the group and they all synchronise for that cause or situation. When more people join, the more this sacred work can include more and more projects and intentions. The circles will grow and multiply. They will overlap with each other, creating a flower of life (a healing sacred geometry pattern of very high vibration), that can entangle the entire surface of the Earth and cover her as α blanket from the skies, interconnecting all living beings, humans, animals, plants, trees, lands. 
Flower of Life Sacred Geometry 
Left – © UniGuide  &  Right – © International Golden Age Group via We Love Mass Meditation
Sacred Activism
It is a collective work from our hearts, of love and compassion in action, and is called Sacred Activism by Andrew Harvey. Anyone can be part of a prayer circle! Anyone can re-member what it is and feels like to be in unison with nature and all her beings, to listen and learn from them. Because it is not us humans succeeding in this, it is all species, all together, as One!  We are not Al-One!  We are All-One!  Join us!
If you are interested in learning more about this sacred work and how to join, please visit and contact me through our website. 
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