Vibrational signals in orchards

Researchers in the scene of organic agriculture are testing the use of sounds and vibrations. These techniques may help to diminish the use of material inputs and contribute to cleaner farming methods. Here is a video showing the use of vibrations in chasing away white flies in a citrus orchard in Italy. The preliminary results seem promising.

The European Union (Horizon 2020) supports a research program with the beautiful name RELACS. Among many others FIBL is involved.

It is quite sure the white flies can be disturbed or chased away (or killed) by specific frequencies. The film does not mention any specific frequency though.

Almost all living beings are sensitive for specific frequenties/vibrations, which can be either life-supporting or life disturbing/destroying. Like bees are sensitive for electromagnetic radiation frequencies of active smartphones for example. Even soil life, bacteria and nematodes are sensitive. Also virusses like covid can be destroyed or supported by specific frequencies. If you can find the specific frequency or wavelength they used to chase away the white fly, you could check it with the frequencies of the Generalised Music Scale discovered by Meijer&Geesink or with the frequencies in the Harmonic Elements Table of Walter Thut. In my book Quantum Agriculture you will find Walter Thut’s method described in detail. I had not yet come across the GM scale at the time of writing but their frequencies agree for 100% with those of Thut.

In BD farming the question may be asked whether elementals will be happy or not with this disturbing or killing technique. The stirring technique in BD-agriculture could work, specially when done with strong focus and attention and love. The human mind certainly has influence on life processes in nature. The Americans dr. Jim Conroy and mrs. Basia Alexander have developed a mental/spiritual method to negotiate with disturbing insects, it is called Eco-Peace-treaty. Their book describing their method is called ‘Live and let Live’. It recognizes that all life has the rigth to exist. Also described in my book. You  might as well consider the Perelandra method of cooperation with (spirits of) Nature, very well described by Machaella Small Wright.

I cannot say anything specific on the happiness of the involved elementals, but with the mental/spiritual methods of cooperation with nature spirits their ‘position’ or their ‘degree of happiness’ will be part and parcel of the outcome of the mental/spiritual consultation process.

Reflections and further thoughts on this issue are welcome.

Henk Kieft

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