Evidence for Nature Constellations

Evidence for the value of Nature Constellations comes from the work done so far¹, as well as the growing uptake of the Constellations methodology in general. Scientific discoveries are also now indicating how the information transfers, upon which they rely, could be taking place². Because the method is so directly experiential, the best form of evidence is to try it. Participants consistently report how surprising and powerful it is to represent another being, and how clear it is that they are ‘tuning in’ to something beyond themselves.

That the information which emerges is accurate, is supported by many instances in which participants describe details about aspects of nature which were not previously known, yet could later be verified. For example, a woman was exploring the wellbeing of her vegetable plot and set up her Brassicas, which had been covered all winter, so unseen. The representative for the Brassicas could not stand properly, the top half of her body was bent over. When the woman returned home and uncovered the Brassicas, she discovered that they had grown so fast that they were unable to support themselves – indeed they were bent over.

That the work has an impact is shown by the times when the behavior within the system changed after a Constellation. One piece of work showed which horses to feed first in a stable, and when the human followed this, the horses relaxed and did not create the difficulties they had before³.

As an emerging field, the scope and effects of Nature Constellations are still being discovered and mapped. The wider methodology of Constellations has been consistently spreading and gaining credibility, based on its success within family and organizational systems. It has been taken into the fields of government, education and health, as well as corporations such as IBM and BMW. There are now many training programs worldwide, conferences and specialist journals reporting on the results and on-going learning. Multiple PhDs have examined the methodology and some Universities are exploring its application as a research tool.

An article based on research into Nature Constellations can be found in The Knowing Field journal, January 2018: ‘Exploring our profound Interconnectedness with All Life’ by Melissa Roussopoulos. More background information can be found on her website www.forgottenconnections.org

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Melissa Roussopoulos

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