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1.    Energy and Waves

1.1      Genodics protein music for plants and animals. [+ Original Sonic Bloom]

1.2      Magnetic rock powders for soil fertility. [+ Magnet bars in soils]

1.3      Simulated Magnetic Energy Technology for dairy cattle. [+ LF EMF reducing mastitis ]

1.4      Wave-based techniques in exploration

  1.    Agritron, a moving micro-wave disinfects soils in greenhouses
  2.    UV-light reduces impact of fungi in unions and potatoes
  3.    Animal health centre based on Global Scaling theory

1.5       Relevance and perspectives

2.  Information fields and Intention

2.1     Informative Patterns in Quantum Agriculture

2.2     Bio-photons and vital food

2.3     Relevance and perspective

3.   Understanding Water

3.1      Coherent Domains in Water

3.2     Light-pictures of plant or animal saps

3.3     Vitalizing water, a new science of water?

3.4     Aqua4D, influencing water with electro-magnetic frequencies

3.5      Relevance and perspectives

4. Intention, Intuition and Consciousness

4.1     Trees react on music

4.2     Eco-intention, management of energy and information

4.3     Measuring vitality of Milk and Manure

4.4     Intuitive listening to water

4.5     Listening to Nature

4.6     The relevance of openhearted awareness

5.    A broader nature concept: Mass + Energy + Information

5.1       Energy and Information, new dimensions in agriculture and nature

5.2       Quantum principles for agriculture.

5.3       MEI-farming, high in order and low in entropy

6.    Physics of Life

6.1     The Electric and Magnetic  

  •  Bio-electronics
  •  Magnetic interactions
  •  Electrons react on energy impulses
  •  Natural radiation and geobiology

6.2     Quantum principles in life

  •  Particle-Wave Duality
  •  Quantum computation and superposition
  •  Order and vitality
  •  Entanglement

6.3      Informed water

  •   Water can act as liquid crystal
  •   Coherent Domains in Water
  •   Form clusters

7.    Intriguing views

7.1       Intriguing in physics

  •   Global Scaling
  •   Information Ecology
  •   Torsion Fields
  •   Shapes and symbols and vortices

7.2      Consciousness in the web of life

  •   The pineal gland and the brain
  •   Mind power, intention and intuition
  •   Green fingers as farming tool

8.    Quantum leaps in agriculture

8.1.     Meeting the challenges in food production

8.2.     New guiding principles

8.3.     The biggest challenge: the internal one

8.4.     Fast learning opportunities, source of inspiration


  • 20 Appendices
  • Literature lists in English, French, German, Dutch and Russian.

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Henk Kieft


  • Very interesting lecture! I feel like the author sometimes skips certain steps, steps that are the reader’s choice to integrate. Revolutionairy in a practical, philosophical, mental and worldconcerning manner. The given knowledge resonates with me, why I believe it to be of uttermost importance for us as a species. I recommend this book to horticulturists, landscapists, gardeners and every person who feels like there is more going on in nature then what we are learned to perceive.