Fungi May Be Communicating in a Way Like Human Speech

Writes David Field in Nature. 07 April 2022. A new study has identified patterns of nerve-like electrical activity being produced by fungi. What’s more, patterns within the activity appear to beRead more

Subtle Agroecologies: farming with the Hidden Half of Nature

THE NATURE OF THE INVISIBLE: RECONCILING SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY This book examines the principles and practices of farming and food systems from the perspective that half of life is not visible to usRead more

Veganisten vertwijfeld : signalen van planten onder stress

Planten maken geluiden als ze sterven. Onderzoekers ontdekken steeds vaker dat planten kunnen horen of ruiken. Trillingen in de lucht kunnen een nieuw veld openen in precisielandbouw waar boeren luisteren naarRead more

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