Biofields of trees may have an uplifting effect on people

Also HeartMath Institute developed a technology to measure the electrical activity of trees.

“We’ve measured tree potentials and related ground potentialsWe believe the Interconnectivity between trees and all life on Earth goes much deeper than we currently know.

Our researchers intend to locate 20 tree sensors, like the one shown below, for group tree research to collect and analyse how groups of trees respond together. Important findings include the effects of geomagnetic fields on human health. Trees, like humans, have a circadian or day-night rhythm, and their electrical rhythms are coupled partly to the sun and moon’s gravitational pull on Earth.

Scientists will examine how people and trees are energetically connected, how trees are effected by human emotions, how being in the biofields of trees can have an uplifting effect on people and how trees can inform us about approaching earthquakes.

Scientists intend to establish a network of tree-monitoring sites and a website with live data from a redwood grove that allows public interaction with the trees at any time.

The approach is explained in their e-book (34 pages) Science of Interconnectivity: Exploring the Human-Earth Connection by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. and Annette Deyhle, Ph.D.

“As apparently we are all interconnected in profound ways, we can work together to increase coherence in a global field environment and find solutions to our greatest challenges.”

Science Of Interconnectivity e-Book

Henk Kieft

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