Hypotheses justifying SME Technology

Hypotheses justifying SME Technology

Due to a lack of research on SMET, the explanation for its mechanism remains speculative. But the results at over 150 farms suggest positive effects.

The American Royal Raymond Rife is considered the founder of frequency therapy. He discovered that specific frequencies are able to immobilise viruses and bacteria. He exposed a virus or bacteria to frequencies generated by an electromagnetic field and discovered that as soon as the frequencies of the EM field resonated with those specific to the bacteria and viruses (i.e. their ‘resonant frequency’), the microbes became weaker or even collapsed.

To date, only one study has been done to measure the effect of SMET in practice. Two herds at different farms have been subject to individual faecal culturing for the MAP bacteria, both before installing the SMET-box and after ten years of constant exposure to frequencies from the SMET-box. In 1997, before a SMET-box was installed, 10 out of 51 individuals were infected (20%). In 2008, after 10 years of constant exposure to frequencies from a SMET-box, 2 out of 66 samples (3%) tested positive for MAP bacteria. Expected results were that the entire herd would be infected and/or dead. One of the individuals that tested positive for MAP in 1997 was still in the herd and tested negative for MAP in 2008. No preventive measures regarding herd management or hygiene were undertaken whatsoever during this 10 years period, e.g. calves received their mothers’ milk and were kept mixed with the cows, and labourers’ boots were not disinfected between barns (Hiemstra, 2010).

Might Quantum Physics support explanations for the effectivity of SME Technology?

Al-Khalili en McFadden (2015) describe how quantum phenomena have been discovered in many biological processes, over the last 15 years: How plants catch sun energy with an almost 100% efficiency, how proteins and DNA are reproduced, how even our smell and the working of our genes may be based on these counter-intuitive quantum theories.

The authors mention 5 basic principles of quantum mechanics that have become relevant in biology.

  • The most characteristic phenomena of reality is the ‘duality of particles and waves’.
  • The ‘quantum tunnel-effect’, by which the tiniest particles, in their wave expression, are able to move through barriers that are otherwise closed to them in their particle expression, or to immediately transfer information and energy to the other side of the barrier.
  • Superposition’ of particles, a condition of potential in which particles could become two, or even a hundred things, at a time.
  • The quantum-phenomenon of ‘spin’. An atom that lost one of two paired electrons, can be oriented with a magnetic field.
  • Paired electrons that have been separated can stay ‘entangled’, even at very long distances. In this condition, they are extremely sensitive to external magnetic fields.

Or …

Or might the effectiveness of the treatment be explained by another theory, emerging from studies of cosmic frequencies resulting from the Big Bang. In this field, researchers are also working on understanding how cosmic frequencies may influence life processes.

Or …. Suggestions or hypotheses to explain the effects of the technology are most welcome on GaiaCampus website.

Henk Kieft

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