Global electric circuit and biological systems


The atmosphere is host to a complex electric environment, ranging from a global electric circuit generating fluctuating atmospheric electric fields to local lightning strikes and ions. … There is emerging evidence of coupling between large- and small-scale atmospheric electrical phenomena and various biological processes in terrestrial environments that even appear to be tied to continental waters. This paper discusses how atmospheric electricity can affect various levels of biological organization across multiple ecosystems. And it presents three very informative graphics that I have copied below.

Keywords Aerosols, Biometeorology, Ecosystem connectivity, Electromagnetics, Electroreception, Electrostatics, Ions, Lightning, Potential gradient, Radionuclides, Thunderstorm.

International Journal of Biometeorology (2021) 65:45–58

The paper presents some very interesting visuals.

Cosmic and atmospheric phenomena that drive the global electric circuit.
Building blocks of the global electric circuit that influence biological systems: EM-fields and Shuman resonances, Thunderstorms and Lightning, Cosmic rays, Radioactive decay etc.
Geochemical and biological phenomena effects of lightning.

Henk Kieft

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