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Farming invisible fields.

Sound and electromagnetic fields influence soils, plants and animals. The human heart and mind influence them as well. These emerging techniques carry the potential to enrich conventional and organic farming.


An expanded worldview is required to enable the understanding and valuing of such new technologies. When your worldview and your understanding of the processes of life changes, so will your farming techniques.

The widely existing conventional farming family is built on a chemical worldview of the physiology of life and has led farming towards chemical techniques to control the processes in soil, plant and animal. In this worldview we perceive matter as particles and we apply matter as fertilizer and pesticides. This is also the view behind most biological or organic techniques that (re)emerged with the environmental crisis.

Over the last decades an ‘electromagnetic’ perspective on farming evolved and introduced a whole series of new techniques on the market. In this worldview – based on the findings of Louis de Broglie – matter is perceived in its expression as waves. Such waves can be detected in the space around the visible objects. Key words are frequencies and resonance and energy. Techniques are based on light and sound, and on fluctuations in magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

A third jump in worldview is required to understand and accept the influence of mind and heart on living nature. It adds to farming techniques the fact that information and order (Schrodinger) is available beyond matter and is everywhere. Here we are in the so-called ‘quantum information field’, that – in relation with DNA- shapes matter, it puts matter in its form (it literally in-form-s). It is comparable to Bohm’s ‘implicit order’. The hypothesis is that this information field informs wave patterns that in turn inform physiological processes. Although not all quantum physicists would agree on this worldview, an important number of them do.

To achieve a more fundamentally sustainable development – let’s say, more in line with evolution – humanity may have to adapt its attitude of dominance-over-nature and embrace a deeper communication-with-nature.

Deeper understanding.

Interested in Deeper Understanding? Such articles start with the heading Evidence. For each and every technique you’ll find various hypotheses or emerging explanations. They may come from various angles, like chaos theory, quantum physics, neurosciences and mind-matter research.

The most challenging and promising explanations ‘how farming techniques could work’, may come from quantum biology, an emerging field of science. The so-called Quantum Field exists ‘beyond matter’ and may explain best – for the time being – how photosynthesis catches sun energy with almost 100% efficiency, how birds and fish find their migration routes and how our genes work. It might even provide explanations for the principles behind distant treatments and telepathic communications. We give it a special place as this approach has not yet been picked up by agricultural schools or universities.

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Cover image: ‘Fields’ by Jaime Pérez via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

Henk Kieft

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