Spiders don’t have ears, but their webs may function as ‘Hearing’ Aid.

writes David Nield in Nature of April 2, 2022. Spider webs are essential for capturing food – but they might also be used as giant hearing aids for the arachnids that spin them, according to newRead more

Does talking to plants actually help them grow? ‘They respond to vibrations’

After a year at home with her orchid, Seetha Dodd was rewarded with a large spray of blooms. Could her words of encouragement have played a part? Seetha Dodd Sun 15 Jan 2021 <theguardian.com> ARead more

Toenemende bomensterfte in Europa sinds 2012

De jaarlijkse sterfte van de belangrijkste boomsoorten in Europa neemt enorm toe. Het gevolg is dat Europese bossen steeds minder koolstof opnemen en dat het risico op bosbranden groter wordt. Dit schrijftRead more

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