Heart coherence, intuition and magnetic fields

I feel inspired by this short video of the Heartmath Insitute. It shows how recent scientific research supports our power to regenerate ourselves, our communities, plants and animals, water and the global ecosystem. It pictures the normally invisible connections between ourselves, others, and the world’s magnetic field. It also shows – but this is my personal imagination – how important it is to choose healthy frequencies for our internet communication systems. Most of the currently intended 5G frequencies probably frustrate coherence of magnetic fields in and around us. While with small adaptations in 4G and 5G frequencies most probably – another personal suggestion – the coherence among these fields can be supported instead of disturbed.

This beautiful illustration for this post (this bird flying in a vibratory field) is from Luka van Diepen, illustrator for The Corresondent. Here is the film. Sorry for the start with some advertisement. Just skip it.


Henk Kieft

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