Origin of Nature Constellations in agriculture

Origin of Nature Constellations in agriculture

‘Constellations’ is a methodology developed by Bert Hellinger to address difficulties within families. It has since evolved to work with organizational systems, and a number of pioneers are exploring its application within human-ecological systems, including in the agricultural sector.

A ‘Constellation’ is the creation of a living map of a system, which enables information to emerge about the state of each of the parts of that system and their relationships. Nature Constellations include animals, plants and other non-human beings as essential parts of the system. They are a diagnostic tool, as well as providing the opportunity to explore what could bring improvements to the health and wellbeing of all the parts.

In systems, all the parts are inter-connected. Often a problem appears in one part of a system, yet the source could lie elsewhere so it is essential to work with the whole system and the connections between the parts.

Constellations enable that, focusing on the relationships between the parts. They are designed to bring insight to the complexity of systems, so they are potentially ideally suited to the multi-stakeholder nature of agricultural systems.

More information can be found on www.forgottenconnections.org

Melissa Roussopoulos

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