Practice of Eco Treaty in Agriculture

Practice of Eco Treaty in Agriculture

The Institute for Cooperative BioBalance has developed a systematic approach to handle ‘insects and pests’ that decrease food production. Their approach is ‘negotiating with nature’ about fairly sharing the interest of food for mankind and nature’s ‘interest’ in the survival of species of insects, bacteria and fungi.

Jim Conroy and Basia Alexander have developed this approach into a systematic technique of negotiation. They call it Eco-Treaty : a hands-on bioenergy-based healing technique to control insect damage.

They show ‘it works’ by various examples. One well documented experience is about negotiating with borers and beetles about minimizing damage in a production forest. Healthy trees could withstand the presence of borers and beetles without being killed.

Their basic paradigm is fundamentally different from the paradigm in crop protection in mainstream agriculture: “Killing is obsolete. All life has the right to survive and deserves respect.” “If all are healthy, trees and plants can coexist with insects, diseases and related organisms, and vice versa.”

Have a look at their website You will find quite some books and videos and workshop programs.

Not only in America we find these experience, also in Europe experiences are emerging. One example is from an ostrich farmer in Belgium. He defines the field of mutual information and communication as ‘Quantum Energy Field’ or QEF. These human and animal fields ‘blend’. This farmer tells ‘his body glows and vibrates while blending with the field of the ostriches’. Ostriches appear to be very sensitive to energies and certainly to the energy of people taking care of them. Only by treating the ostriches with such care and love, the mortality dropped from 70% to 30% (pers.comm.). Quite relevant a method for animal husbandry.

Henk Kieft

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