Origin of Eco Treaty in agriculture

Origin of Eco Treaty in agriculture

Eco Treaty is an approach to negotiate insect or plague damage. You set up a treaty with beetles or bacteria instead of fighting them.

The practice of working with nature is widely applied and of all times but lately neglected by science. It did not only function in older ‘agri-cultures’ of Chinese Dao or American Indians. Also several modern animal communicators and horse whisperers work consciously with their intuition and have developed trust in the information they receive from and about the animal.

In many spots –too many to ignore – new types of gardens emerge, where people mindfully listen to nature and design gardens with nature’s guidance.

A lot of information can be found on websites of Findhorn www.findhorn.org and Perelandra Gardening. www.perelandra-ltd.com

In many places smaller garden initiatives are emerging. One example is a garden in the Northern part of the Netherlands. It is designed according to a painting of around 1850 of the Tai Chi energy in the human body. Most impressive is that the energy lines of the body can be sensed in this garden. Have a look at www.natuuralsspiegel.nl The site is in Dutch language only.




Henk Kieft

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